Mass Schedule:

In the church in Narvik (Håreksgate 82):
Every Sunday at 11.00 AM (in Norwegian)
One Sunday in a month at 1.00 PM (in Polish)
Every Saturday at 6.00 PM (Sunday mass in Norwegian)
Daily mass at 6.00 PM (but one week in a month there is no daily mass).

Confessions (sacrament of Penance) before every mass or by personal request.

Current mass schedule, devotions and catechesis ---> KALENDER - NARVIK

Kl. 18.00 = 6.00 PM
Søndagsmesse = Sunday mass (on Saturday evening)
Høymesse = Solemn Sunday mass
Aftenmesse = Evening Sunday mass
skriftemål = confessions
andakt = devotion
sakramenttilbedelse = Adoration of the Most Holy Sacrament
barnekatekese = catechesis for children

(unless otherwise stated all masses are in Norwegian in the church in Narvik)